Impacted Canine Surgery

The canine teeth are also sometimes referred to as "eyeteeth." They're aligned in the middle of each dental arch and typically possess greatest strength due long roots. For a great smile plus optimum oral health, it is critical for these important tooth to drop into position; some times they can become impacted - meaning that instead grows above gumline remain trapped within jaws. The presence of impacted canines is a problem that may need to be corrected with surgery. Aside from detracting from your smile and general appearance, their absence could create risks for gum disease or other pathologies like misalignment which leads on an array dental problems down the line!

You may not know it, but your canine teeth play an important role in the way you speak. They are responsible for initial contact when closing one’s mouth and so must be guided carefully to ensure proper positioning throughout rest of chewing rhythm with other molars properly aligned as well! If there's any gap left by misalignment or delay at this stage then things will get bad - properly positioned canines make all-the difference between having a beautiful smile.

With an impacted tooth, the orthodontist and oral surgeon work together to create a treatment plan. The dentist's role is move surrounding teeth so that space can be made for impacted ones emerge in order align bite properly while their partner surgical specialist removes any obstructions preventing them from coming out easily with his/her scalpel blade before securing soft tissues around exposed pulp inside braces which will hold everything tight without causing harm if done correctly by experienced professionals only when necessary

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