Temporary Anchorage Devices

The orthodontic treatment process works on the premise that force must be applied to teeth in order for them to move into their proper position. A temporary anchorage device or TAD is a tiny surgical screw made of titanium which can attach itself and act as an anchor while facilitate movement, but once finished with treatments it's removed  As you're probably aware there are many different types available depending upon what type tooth problem your child/individual may have.

The TAD method of anchorage has been one recent advancement in orthodontic treatment that allow teeth to be moved without putting pressure on other nearby healthy or infected tissue. This means less invasive surgery for many patients, which we think is both cleaner and more esthetically pleasing as well!

How are TADs Used?

The use of appliances to reposition teeth can be effective, but it may not always work. In some cases corrective jaw surgery is required for patients with structurally-driven issues or when there isn't enough room due an area that has insufficient space; these patients might benefit from TADs which act as stable anchors and allow shifting/alignment in any part on the bony jawline quickly without needing extensive treatment plans over long periods time span. The orthodontist will assess your needs by checking how much movement you have going forward before deciding whether this procedure would suitably solve all problems arising within one single appointment session.

How are TADs Implanted?

If you require a TAD for your orthodontic treatment, it can be placed in your jaws through a simple surgical procedure. Dr. Davis can complete the procedure with local anesthesia or while you are under IV sedation. Removal of a TAD is generally easy and typically requires only local anesthesia. Because it is a simple procedure, patients can return to most normal activities on the same day. To prevent infection and ensure that no complications arise, however, please be sure to keep your mouth clean before and after the surgery and to follow all instructions for aftercare.

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